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Thomas Sunderland - Trimble Navigation

I have had the pleasure of working alongside Terry Lanier of Lanier Automated Systems on a large (~300k lines of code) and complex Android application for the past four years. I can say without hesitation that if you need a knowledgeable Java developer who can contribute from day one to your Android project then you have found your guy. Whether it be working with an ever-evolving integrated development environment such as Android Studio, working with a relatively new build system such as Gradle or working with a sometimes challenging version control system such as Git; Terry has always demonstrated that he is able to face the challenges before him and succeed. The Android application that Terry worked on while a member of the Trimble Construction Logistics Android development team is by no means a trivial piece of software. This is an application that has many integration points which includes a telematics device that wirelessly transmits automated sensor data and a backend which hosts RESTful web services. The application includes major features such as real-time ticketing, active navigation with advanced routing, and VOIP. It also leverages several leading edge libraries and frameworks such as Dagger for dependency injection, Butterknife for UI view injection, Retrofit for interfacing with HTTP web services, and EventBus for message brokering. Terry has been able to not only navigate the many existing complexities of this application with success, but also has proven to be able to lead in the design, development, and ongoing evolution of the application. Beyond Terry’s invaluable experience and general adeptness as it pertains to software design and development I can also say that he is simply put a good guy and a very dependable worker to have on your team. He has always been extremely helpful with mentoring less experienced developers and has proven himself time and time again to be a very valuable and engaged contributor when it comes to peer code reviews and the continuous improvement of the application and the agile software development process through which we have operated.

Thomas Sunderland
Trimble Navigation


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Lanier Automated Systems provided engineering consulting services for Coleman Research Corporation in the design, development, deployment and support of an integrated Program Management and Control System (PMC) for the Department of Energy. Responsibilities include object-oriented design including object model and data model specifications; design and development of C++ classes to implement graphical user, report facility and database interfaces. The PMC software utilizes a client/server design and is comprised of a Document Management suite of applications written in MS-Visual C++ using MFC and ODBC. The applications run on MS-Windows workstations at various locations throughout the United States, and interface through ODBC via TCP/IP over a wide-area-network with the Sybase System 11 SQL database. The database runs on a DEC Alpha 4100 server on the headquarters local area network.