Telephone: 703.323.0204
Facsimille: 703.323.7555
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Terry Lanier - Senior Software Engineer

Terry Lanier

Senior Software Engineer

Terry has extensive software engineering experience covering the full range of activities in the system development life cycle. Specialist in lead system engineering and programming roles for over fifteen years. Significant experience performing in complex software development projects involving object-oriented analysis/design/programming, graphical user interfaces, multi-tier client/server database development, distributed architectures implemented over local and wide area networks, telecommunications and LAN-to-mainframe gateway architectures.

  • Phone: (703) 323-0204
  • Fax: (703) 323-7555


Success Portrait

Lanier Automated Systems provided senior engineering support to Thermo Electron Corporation on a commercial project to develop a Document Retention System [DRM] to interface with existing commercial electronic document management systems such as FileNet Saros Mezzanine. The object-oriented DRM software was designed and engineered using the Multi-Tiered Service Document Management Model architecture. The Data and Business Service modules were written in Visual C++ 5.0 and implemented as ActiveX components, and the User Services were written in Visual Basic 5.0. The software runs under Windows NT and Windows 95 environments and connects to a MS SQL Server 6.5 database.