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About Us

Our Engineering Team

Lanier Automated Systems [LAS] software engineers have a stellar record of achievement helping clients attain success in developing complex systems on time and within budget constraints - two goals that are difficult to reach in large software engineering efforts. The project descriptions on our Clients page, and the comments from our customers on the Testimonials page are intended to give the viewer a sampling of the types of projects that LAS engineering staff have been involved with in the past and are currently working on.

Corporate Background

Founded in 1994 in Northern Virginia, near our Nation's Capital, Lanier Automated Systems has extensive experience with complex software engineering efforts. LAS Biometrics engineering staff have experience in systems disciplines encompassing technologies that provide GPS-based automated vehicle location, asset tracking and mapping, wide area, local area, and vehicle area wired and wireless network applications, packet routing, smart-card technologies and simulation. Our engineers each have a minimum of fifteen years industry experience, and the breadth of qualifications of our staff is indicated by both the complexity of the systems and the major U.S. Government agencies and Fortune 500 corporations with which they have been tasked key roles on mission critical system projects.

Lanier Automated Systems engineering staff understand the critical role information can play in addressing complex business issues. We provide professional software engineering and computer systems consulting services to some of the nation's leading corporations. Through the strength of our software engineering methodologies and the expertise of our staff, we provide clients with the information management, engineering and analysis tools they need to tackle their toughest business challenges. LAS personnel have the extensive capabilities and experience in systems engineering and software development to satisfy the diverse requirements for information systems.

Company Product Line

Our only product is performance, and we define performance as dedicated service to our clients. The single most important asset LAS offers clients in terms of software engineering services and systems integration is highly skilled personnel. Our guiding principle will always remain the same - responsiveness to the client comes first.

  • Languages: Java, C#, C++, C, XQuery, XML, UML, Visual Basic, Clipper, COBOL
  • Integrated Development Environments: Android Studio, Visual Studio, Eclipse, NetBeans
  • Toolsets: MS-MFC, MS .NET, JSF, MapObjects, Tools++, dbTools++, Stingray
  • Design and Requirements Management Tools: ARTiSAN, ObjecTime, CaliberRM
  • Database: MySQL, MS SQL Server, Oracle, Sybase, ODBC, JDBC, SQL, PL-SQL, Transact-SQL, Btrieve
  • Operating Systems: Android, Windows, Linux, UNIX, Solaris, DOS, OSF/1, VMS, CP/M, MFE
  • Network and Communications: LAN, WAN, VAN and wireless architectures, Ethernet, CDPD, TCP, UDP and ICMP, RS-232 and SmartCard protocols, Windows, LAN Manager, Netware-based
  • Hardware: Intel and AMD-based microcomputers, Sun, IBM, DEC, IV Phase, HP, VAX

Success Portrait

Lanier Automated Systems recently completed software engineering services for Trimble Navigation, developing the Android mobile app for the next generation of their Global Positioning Satellite-based Automated Vehicle Location product line. The TrimFleet vehicle fleet management system provides real-time vehicle location and status information, and the new Android app adds another mobile component to the existing TrimFleet architecture which is implemented with a suite of C# .NET applications, web services and Windows services on the backend, features thick Windows and thin Windows CE and Android clients, both Oracle and SQL Server database backends, and full range wireless data communications.